Ottimo Office Furniture Factory was established in the year 1990, based and operating in Dubai at Al Quoz industrial area. Specializing in manufacture of variety of seats suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, theaters, hotels and stadium, we have made it our policy to supply durable and comfortable furniture.

Our Factory has been assessed and registered ISO, BS 9001:2000 France. Presently, Ottimo factory is a Dubai Quality Award applicant for the wide range of top quality and variety seating manufacture in the UAE.

Materials, parts and components used in our products are internationally recognized and certified to provide the required durability, comfort and safety for our clients.


Dubai, the commercial hub of the Middle East, has been the host to thousands of ultra modern offices, Ottimo, one of the earliest manufacturers in the UAE, has provided office seating to the vast majority of these corporate and offices. Quality, durability, ergonomics, aesthetics and value are the reasons we succeed.


Sitting in a chair is hard on the body. Nature did not intend for the human body to be in one position for houses at the time. It has only been the last few decades the workers have had to sit at a desk for long periods of the day five to seven days per week. This has become the norm of the modern office.